Endurance Testing

We Represent the Best the Industry Has to Offer

The ARMA Team has set up a Test Unit to continuously run in real world conditions. We have cycled this unit over 1/2 million times to date to monitor component life and identify areas of continual quality improvement.

This automated unit runs 24 hours per day 365 days per year inall weather conditions.

Endurance Testing

Demostrate Endurance

ARMA Gate is manufactured in segments, creating ease in transportation and simple installation. The game changer is our patent precision splice technology.

Product Innovation

ARMA Gate usually ships same day and can be configured to fit any opening. Repairs and maintenance are quick and simple because parts are always in stock.

Quality Control

ARMA Gate exceeds industry standards and is automation ready. Aerospace grade Aluminum guarantees safety for high cycle vehicle entry points.

Continuous Run Endurance Test

Test Gate Inspection includes:

Endurance Testing

Inspection Test Results

Inspection Image One