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If you have an automated security gate, chances are you have something worth protecting. But when it comes to keeping your business and people safe, are you doing enough? Fact is, the vast majority of automated gates don’t measure up to the minimal industry safety standards. And poorly installed and maintained gate assemblies are just waiting for an accident or a breakdown to happen.

In addition to our team’s Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers, Secure Orbit Inc. has partnered with trusted Certified Contractors to service automated gate systems outside of Northwestern Ontario.

Routine Maintenance Gate Service Agreement

Secure Orbit Inc. offers scheduled routine maintenance and operational audit visits from one of their Certified Automated Gate Operator Installers. This will ensure your automated gate continues to meet industry safety standards and will help prevent possible downtime with expensive repairs due to prolonged neglect.

Safety & Security Compliance Audit

An automated gate assembly is more than just a physical product. It’s success relies on the complete system that includes the operator, sensors, access control, other peripherals, and any software. Our system analysis audits establish a baseline of a system’s current compliance with the industry’s UL325, ASTM F2200 and CSA 247-92 standards and operational safety status. We consider these standards a minimum requirement, not a future goal.

  • Entrapment Protection
  • Access Control systems 
  • Design & Construction
  • Safety & Security
  • Structural Integrity

Allow our gate automation specialists to perform a complete Safety & Security Audit. They will prepare a report listing deficiencies and layout a course of action to bring your gate assembly into compliance with industry standards.


Secure Orbit Inc. team of professionals maintain a high standard of industry education including industry certifications.

Consulting for:

  • Architects
  • General Contractors
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Homeowners

Consultation on:

  • Industry Standards
  • Personnel Safety
  • Security
  • Access Control

Secure Orbit Inc.’s professionals will work with your specific needs and generate effective, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions, assessments or specifications based on industry standards.

Our consulting services will offer knowledgeable advise for your individual needs. As required, Secure Orbit Inc. can also design, build, train, and/or manage your infrastructure and maintenance to meet your objectives.

Are you compliant?

Eliminate the guessing game. Our team will determine system compliance through a complete inspection of the function, structure, safety, and security including:

  • The gate type & classification
  • Gate operator
  • Entrapment
  • Roller protection
  • Warning signs, lights and audio alert
  • Elimination or guarding of pinch points
  • Gate controls
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