The Industry Game Changer

Aluminum Cantilever Gate Systems

We Engineer, Manufacture, Install and Maintain

Our products are designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards, and are continually tested in-house to ensure maximum durability and security. We offer innovative solutions to novel problems.

Providing secure access for Telecom, Utility, Transportation, Industrial, and Commercial Facilities.

Modular Engineering

ARMA Gate is manufactured in segments, creating ease in transportation and simple installation. The game changer is our patent precision splice technology.

Simple Installation

ARMA Gate usually ships the same day and can be configured to fit any opening. Repairs and maintenance are quick and simple because parts are always in stock.

ASTM F2200

ARMA Gate exceeds industry standards and is automation ready. Aerospace grade Aluminum guarantees safety for high cycle vehicle entry points.

Our Models

We offer a full spectrum of sliding cantilever gate solutions. ARMA is recognized for delivering reliable access control systems in all residential and industrial situations.

Why ARMA Gate?

Watch this video to see why our customers choose ARMA Gate