All Terrain Floating Fence by ARMA

Made for Challenging environments.

The All Terrain Floating Fence by ARMA is perfect for no dig zones where drilling is not possible.

  • No ground penetration
  • No site preparation
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Compact for shipping
  • Permafrost conditions
  • Utility-heavy areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • 50 degree articulation

The All Terrain Floating Fence by ARMA picks up where traditional solutions fail. This product effectively secures any area without drilling, and instead is anchored with various galvanized steel outriggers that conform to the landscape.

  • Easy Assembly
    Assembly does not require special tools or training and takes a fraction of the time of traditional fences.
  • Fully Adaptable
    Designed to be installed on any surface, over uneven terrain, and in any configuration.
  • No Site Preparation Required
    The entire system is above ground, which means zero augering or concrete work.
  • Compact for Shipping
    All Terrain Fence components are compact and easy to fly into remote areas with limited access.
  • Strong & Durable
    Components are hot-dipped galvanized steel with aerospace grade aluminum and fit all standard pipe, mesh and hardware.

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